If you’ve always thought you have to empty your mind to meditate… don’t worry! In this practice thoughts are recognised as part of the meditation… in fact thoughts are good!

What is the Effortless Tribe?

I see an Effortless Tribe who comes together... supporting one another... providing reassurance... sharing ideas and resources and helping one another on the journey... Read more...

What is the Effortless 500?

One of the things I get from my Effortless Meditation practice is better access to my intuition... insight & flashes of inspiration...  I believe the idea for this project came from one of those flashes of inspiration and is a calling I cannot ignore... Read more...

Upcoming Events

Broadford, Isle of Skye, Scotland - The Experience of Effortless Meditation

Sun 6 Nov - 09:15AM

See The Course page for more information.

£75 per person.